Organisational Overview

SEHYOG  is a Voluntary organization formed to project, protect and promote the social development and cultural heritage of India. SEHYOG  was conceived with a  resolution to give a specific shape to the society in the shape of integrated Rural Urban Development with special emphasis on the Resettlement & Rehabilitation, Education, Literature, Health and Family Planning, Poverty Alleviation, Employment Generation, Women Empowerment and Ecological awareness of India.

SEHYOG is deeply committed for Poverty Alleviation & health of displaced families in Urban & Rural Slums by imparting them the awareness on their rights, entitlements & obligations under the PACS and ensuring the delivery of full entitlements as per provisions in the policy, redressing their grievances through evolved systems, dovetailing their Self Employment needs & training with different development related    departments of State & Central government. It is also consistently engaged in environmental enrichment, ecological balancing, road safety, inculcation of participatory management   processes   of decentralized governance in the Project Affected Villages.

The core philosophy of SEHYOG is to upgrade human capital through promotion of intellectual, social & economical capital of destitute, downtrodden and all other people of Rural & Urban areas of country.

The strategies of promoting the rural capital as adopted by SEHYOG are centered towards eradication of poverty through intervention of fast track prosperity promoting processes. The  SEHYOG  studies the status of poor, finds out their constraints, explores the needed association of existing & potential institutions and brings it at the appropriate plat forms of public, government and press media for improvement in the standard of living of poor belonging to rural & urban areas.

VISION:  To act as facilitator for the community through development efforts.

MISSION:  Act as a management support and technical support group for the community in development sector as a bridge between the donors & community.



Effort for the holistic development of the rural poor.

Educate and organization the poor, give them skill and technology, management and entrepreneurial training for their development.

Undertake development initiatives with the support of people’s organization on the basis of people’s plan.

Promote infrastructure and structural development plan.

Undertake integrated human resource development.

Bring change in individual societal attitude, encourage cultural transformation.

Development relationship, cooperation, communication and linkage.